Monday, February 1, 2010

The Great Bottle Battle of 2010

My 22 month son has an addiction problem. He's addicted to the bottle. Twice a day he gets his milk in a bottle and not because we prefer it. He refuses to drink milk out of a cup. He drinks water and diluted juices out of his sippy cups but the minute I put milk in he takes one sip, makes his famous what-the-heck-is-this-stuff face and pushes it aside. So I came up with a 2 part plan:
Stage One: Begin daily bottle dilution until bottle is all water and if he still prefers it moves to Stage 2.
Stage Two: Begin adding V8 to the bottle. I couldn't think of anything less appetizing to a toddler so V8 it is!

The point of the first to stages is to get him off the bottle by giving him a reason to dislike having one. I know it's extreme but reasoning with a 22 month old who doesn't talk much is a bit difficult. After, hopefully, getting him off the bottle, I am going to attempt to get him to drink milk out of his cup by adding chocolate milk to the cup and then decreasing the amount of chocolate as the days pass.

So over the weekend we started this process and it didn't even seem like he noticed that the milk was being diluted until today. Today I prepared his bottle with 2 parts water and 1 part milk and SUCCESS!!! He took one sip and tossed it aside YAY. So "Operation Bottle Drop" is working and hopefully we can start "Operation Cup Up"

Wow, being a parent is a lot harder than I thought it would be. So many changes are coming with this new addition to our family especially for Sage. As parents, Aaron and I are really trying to hold Sage's hand through all of this to make it as smooth a transition for him as possible and that is proving to be a very delicate process to create. First getting rid of the bottle, then moving him into a big boy bed, and finally getting him transitioned into a day or two a week of kindercare/pre-preschool for socialization. It's amazing how fast life changes and ultimately success in life in determined by how well we adapt. 

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