Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I have done a few things that I haven't posted on here yet because I am limited on blogging time with the new little one so I have a few moments to let everyone know of my progress on my Day Zero Project list.

#2. Have dinner at a fancy restaurant.

For Aaron's 33rd birthday we ate at Nove in the Palm Resort and Casino and it was fabulous. I realized that there really is a substantial difference to using great ingredients in a way that it seems to make the food sing. I was impressed and inspired. Aaron ordered the Salmon with eggplant puree and I had the linguini and clams. AMAZING! This also counted towards my #54. Try 10 new restaurants. I can't wait for the next 9.

#64. Buy a pair of TOMS Shoes.

I went with my best friend, Crystal to Nordstrom's and bought a pair. I love them. If you buys a pair buy a size or half size smaller because they stretch. I wouldn't have known that if Crystal hadn't come with, Thank Jeebus. Anyways, the best thing about these shoes is that when you buy a pair, Tom donates a pair to a child who needs shoes! It's also pretty darn cool that they are super comfy too!

#95. Go to the Molto Farmer's Market.

I have actually been twice now and I love it. I was even lucky enough to run into JoNeale while I was there. It's by far the nicest farmer's market I have been to in Las Vegas.

#96. Sew a Baby Wrap.

This one took alot less effort than I thought it would and it came out so good that I have had offers for people to buy them off me. So, YAY to my list for making me some money!! It's extra nice too because I need to pay for school soon.

#63. Sell, donate or get rid of 101 items.
          I've gotten rid of 26 items so far.

#35. Write one letter or postcard a month to a friend.

         I sent this months and last months yesterday hahah... One to Sylvia and one to Martha.

#88. Watch 20 documentaries (4/20).

"It Might Get Loud" I enjoyed how artsy fartsy Jack White is but I wasn't really into this one. I think I think my boy bestie, Sal, would like this one because he's really into the guitar.

So YAY!!! My list is alive and kicking and I am so motivated which is exactly what a girl sitting at home all day with 2 kids needs to be! Thanks again, Devon, for the idea!