Friday, February 5, 2010

I had THE dream.

     I had a dream last night that we had a girl and of course not everything in this dream made perfect sense but so few of my dreams aren't laced with oddities. For those of you ladies have been pregnant before you know how dreams while pregnant are completely different from those that you have when you are not. Pregnancy dreams a very realistic and sometimes hard to distinguish from reality at times. I dreamed that I was laying in bed sleeping (like I actually was) and I awoke with a sweet little thing wrapped in my arms like I did so many nights after Sage was born. I got up with this dream baby and felt instantly GIRL. I walked over to a crib with it looked like 6 blankets strewn everywhere (odd) and I laid her down on her back only to have her continuously flip over on her belly (odd). I kept thinking to myself that this was a bad thing because we hadn't bought a new Angelcare Monitor yet (true). I glanced over to the side of the crib and noticed a teeny pair of leopard print leggings (odd) right before I woke up.

     Now don't get all excited!!! I thought for sure that Sage was going to be a girl. Even when they told me he was a boy, I still thought he was going to be a girl. So, my track record is pretty crappy. I think everyone is pulling for a girl. The lunch lady at work even says girl. I guess we'll see. For the record, Aaron and I have no preference whatsoever! We're happy either way. So make your bets now.


  1. I usually have dreams I give birth to animals :P

    -Pameleen from IV