Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two iPod/iPhone apps that my 22 month old loves!

     I have realized that it's very challenging to entertain a toddler when they are put in non-kid friendly environments. Places like doctors offices, the DMV, sometimes even the grocery store or waiting in any line longer than a few minutes long. Recently, I received an iPod Touch for Christmas and have come across two apps that my son loves and I thought I might pass this info along.

     The first app is made by Duck Duck Moose and it's called "Itsy Bitsy Spider". It's $.99 and it's the cutest thing ever. There is an option for you to record your own voice singing the song as well as many other musical options. It is a cause and effect based program which means that by touching objects on the screen it will cause things to react. It has 3 different screens with many different actions and the song plays in the background. Sage gets a kick out of the idea that he points to something and he makes things happen.


     The second app is called "Kid Genius". It is also $.99. This app is purely educational. It offers 5 different kinds of flash cards with really great pictures: Alphabet, Learn to count, Common words, Letter tracing and Number tracing. The alphabet, counting, and word features all have sounds to go along with every flash card and the letter and number tracing have touch/pen feature so you can see what you are writing. Sage has only really been able to use the alphabet and word features but I am sure he'll be using the others in a few years. Definitely worth the $.99!

**I would also like to note that he enjoys the "Pocket God" app but only because he gets a kick out of flinging the pigmies around and waking them up when they fall asleep. He laughs hysterically.


  1. Just make sure there's not a toilet nearby! I learned that the hard way with my phone. LOL.

  2. Thanks Maggie May!!!
    Hahahahah Julie that is halarious and yet sad at the same time!!! I will definitely keep my eyes out for that!

  3. For little ones (1 to 3 years) there is a great app called Easy Coloring Pad. Most of the coloring/doodling apps out there are complicated requiring lots of buttons/screens to even change color or erase. Great for older kids, not so much for young toddlers. I found my daughter got frustrated and I had to keep helping her which sort of defeated the purpose of keeping her entertained while I was driving for example. At any rate, this app is SO easy and keeps our little one occupied on short drives, while dining out, or waiting for an appointment. Check it out:

    It's great on the iPhone and even better on the iPad because of the increased screen size. So fun to see little kids free draw at an early age!