Thursday, February 11, 2010

14 Week update

     I'm feeling so much better and I feel like I am eating so much more hahah! So, I guess the morning sickness is officially gone!
     The boobs are still pretty sore which is a huge pain (literally)!
     I'm sleeping better this week and only waking up once or twice on a good night.
     My moods are crazy, ask Aaron!
     No movement yet.
     My skin is all nice and pretty. Which is a kick in the pants because when i am not pregnant I break out all the time but when I have a bun in the oven my complexion is almost completely clear. If I didn't dislike being pregnant so much it would be almost worth it just for the clear skin.
     I've gained a few more lbs. so, I think I am up to 13 now. Eeek. Weight Watchers here I come.
     Sage wants to sit on my stomach all the time now. He's trying to help me keep Baby Parker warm :)

That's all to report for now. Over and out!

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