Friday, January 29, 2010

My kid won't eat.

     When Sage was on purees he'd eat squash and sweet potato but he wouldn't touch the green stuff. As he got a little older the amount of vegetables he would eat dwindled to 3 things : Corn, potatoes, and oddly enough edamame. Not only did his veg consumption dwindle but so did everything else. I sware the only thing this kid will eat on a regular basis is egg, rice, edamame, hashbrown (cubed only), and noodles. I've been forced to sneak vegetables into his eggs (via cauliflower puree) and Spaghetti (via beet puree, hence the pink noodles).

Now, he's not starving... but I have a huge amount of mommy-guilt because he's not eating the things that I know he should be, LIKE MEAT. He gets his protein from the eggs, milk, cheese, and edamame, but is that enough? I consider myself lucky that he loves the soybeans because that is chalk full of vitamins and is pretty much a superfood but I am at my wits end.

I offer everything. I still try to give him green beans and peas with no avail. I cut up pieces of chicken and even offer dipping sauces to see if it will entice him to eat them but instead he dips his fingers in the sauce while saying "dip, dip, dip" and then sucks it off his fingers.

He refuses to let me feed him which is why I end up having to make him special dinners because me and the husband often eat soups and casseroles. Actually, I take that back... he lets me feed him yogurt and applesauce (which, I might add, is the only way I can get fruit in him other than smoothies).

I keep telling myself that he'll get better once he's old enough to understand what I am saying when I am trying to talk some sense into him. Or maybe not. I also think about what I ate as a child and I still survived. Although, I am chubby as a result of my macaroni and cheese habit. He won't let himself starve but since he's related to me, he might just be stubborn enough!!!

It seems it's all about texture these days and what he is comfortable with. Someday maybe he'll teach me the tricks to feeding a toddler so that I don't make the same mistakes with Parker when he/she is a toddler.



  1. Oh, I feel your pain about having toddlers with eating issues! Mine loves white creamy soups (like baked potato or broccoli cheese.) He doesn't like meat either...

  2. You already mentioned every idea I would have suggested! Hopefully waiting it out will prove effective. Good luck!