Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ah the innerworkings of the pregnant mind.

     One of my dear husband's friends called to talk to him about his pregnant girlfriend the other day. I'm not sure why his friends all of a sudden find him to be the expert on crazy pregnant women or if I should take offense to that but apparently that is what he has become. His friend was basically calling to ask Aaron what he should do because since getting pregnant his girlfriend seems like she doesn't think he can be trusted to do anything right. Aaron proceeded to talk with him and give him the low down... "She's right."  Ah, I have trained my husband well! It truly was the cutest thing I have heard Aaron explain to another grown man. He told him that when women are pregnant they can't help but be crazy sometimes and no matter what happens just agree, try harder, and give her a hug (unless she's holding something sharp).
     It's true though. I, on any other non-pregnant day, find myself to have some moments of lunacy where a few minutes post verbal diarrhea I think to myself, "Crap, where did that come from". So imagine being pregnant and every hormone in your body is no longer concerned about you. The hormone's main focus is the growing thing in the base of your belly. The hormones no longer care if you look like a lunatic. Not only that but, sometimes after spending an hour in our closets mourning the clothes we used to fit in, we really do HATE our significant other for "DOING THIS TO US!".
     On a more serious note, I have had issues with mental stability all my life so I know what it is like to really not understand what is going on in your own head. I've been severely bi-polar for over 15 years and I can't say I know what it feels like to be a normal pregnant woman but being that I try very hard to be normal without the use of medications I can only assume that a normally hormonal pregnant woman is a lot like me on any given NON-pregnant day and I must tell you it's a struggle and I'm sure she doesn't like feeling that way any more than you do. I think it feels a lot like what being body snatched would feel like. You see and hear everything that is going on but you have no idea why you feel the way you do about it and you have no control over how you express it. Hence, the crying over coffee commercials.
     I do give husbands, boyfriends, life-partners a BIG kudos for sticking it through! It's not an easy task to watch the woman you love not only change shape completely but personality (albeit for a short time) as well. It's a difficult time for all parties involved and the better-halves in our lives really do deserve a standing ovation for handling us with kid hands.

I love you, Aaron. Thank you for understanding!

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