Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 week update

I didn't get around to uploading my photos last night or editing my footage but I promise to try to get to it tonight.
Instead, I thought that it's about darn time for a pregnancy update. Maybe if I can keep my mind straight I'll try and do these every week.
So according to my BabyBump application on my Ipod Touch Baby Parker (This is the baby's name no matter if it is a boy or a girl) is the size of a prune and weighs .14 oz (since this is my kid I'm going to estimate a little heavier though haahah). It also says that he/she is growing nails and little buds where the teeth will form. AMAZING.
I have had some pretty uncomfortable morning sickness for a little over a month now and I am pleased to say that it seems as if maybe it's subsiding a little. I felt pretty great yesterday and I have been pretty good today too so I am seriously crossing my fingers. I would LOVE to start walking on my treadmill for some exercise and I haven't done it because I have been feeling so crappy. I need something to offset the crap I have been eating (Which I need to stop doing). After 10 weeks I have gained 10 pounds and even though this isn't AWFUL it's definitely not good. I would like to keep my weight gain to a minimum to that I don't have any issues with swelling like I did last time.
Speaking of weight gain. My Janelly belly is definitely showing signs of life!!! I sit at work with my pants unbuttoned. I know, sexy right? I know it seems really early... Most women probably wouldn't be showing as bad as I am right now but most women didn't have as much muscle damage as I did, (Unless they had twins). My last pregnancy I delivered and 8lb. 8 oz. baby boy and an 8 lb. cyst with an additional 6cm cyst left in there for fun.
There has been no confirmed movement yet. I have felt little flutters but that might be thai food. Hahahah! No actually, the flutters are most likely baby. I know what early baby punches feel like and these flutters are baby ninja-like.
All in all, I am feeling good today and my stress level is decent. I still worry ever day if I am going to be able to be the kind of mom that my babies deserve but that's a given.
I hope everyone has a great day and I will be tapping at you tomorrow!

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  1. Ninja-like flutters already? I worry for your future!