Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 11 Update

Week 11!! Woo hoo, Only one more week and I am out of my first trimester... My morning sickness has switched gears. Last week I had to nibble all day long in order to feel okay. Now I can't eat anything without feeling nausea! So, I'm thinking with all of this indecisiveness this baby MUST be a girl!! hahah!
I bought some maternity clothes but I am not really wearing them yet because all of a sudden the desert skies decided to open up and dump rain and sleet everywhere. I thought it was warming up so I bought capri pants and short sleeve shirts. So, for the time being I am stuck wearing my old jeans unbuttoned with my bella band on.
If having morning sickness wasn't bad enough, I am pretty sure I have some sort of sinus thing going on. I might actually admit that I might be getting sick (Even though I NEVER get sick) hahah! Eh. I'm powering through all of it though and I can't wait till all the sickies are gone and I can start enjoying this :)

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