Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So I am really doing it... I've set myself up with a Youtube account and a spanking new Gmail address! Being new to this whole thing it might take me a second to get up to speed but I am excited to get started.
I don't even know where to start as far as how I came to this point in my life. I guess with the facts...
I am 32 and I am a wife to a very talented tattoo artist and a mother to a very fast 1.5 year old. As if that wasn't enough I am also 9 weeks pregnant with our second child. (This frightens the poo out of me BTW). I am a bona fide computer nerd by career and a Nursing student via passion (although I am on hiatus thanks to bouncing bundle of food stealing baby I am currently baking). I live in Las Vegas (not because I want to) and really I am trying to be as normal as a parent as I can be here... Which believe me is kind of tough in the city of neon lights and fake tans.
I love my life most of the time. If I told you I loved it all the time, you'd know I was lying or not human AND definitely NOT a woman! Things get hard. Things get messy. Really though I wouldn't have it any other way though. If life wasn't filled with challenges I would be extremely bored and for me, THAT'S THE WORST!
So ultimately, this blog is going to display my truths about being a Mom in today's world, or at least as far as I am concerned. Sometime, I'll sprinkle a little of my own personal life lessons in there but I have learned that once you become a MOM it goes one of two ways... a person either spins their wheels resisting  mommyhood and thus sucks at it or they succumb to the sneezes in the face and slobbery love filled kisses and it becomes who they are as a person. I am that slobbered on germ filled person and this is how I deal with that transition. I really hope you all enjoy and I learn and experience and would love to hear and learn from yours!!!

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