Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anniversary Trip to San Francisco.

  Yes!!! I did it! I confiscated my camera from Aaron this morning so that I could finally make my San Fran entry. I know it may seem like this is more of a personal entry vs. an entry about being a mommy but you couldn't be more wrong... Little vacations like these are extremely important to being a great mom. I've spent almost 2 years being a Mom now and I have only taken 1 mini break a few months after he was born. Adults only vacations are an amazing way to remind yourself that despite your growing skills as a one handed diaper changer you are still YOU. Sometimes I forget that in order to be a great Mom, I have to be me. How can I be me if I don't remember who I am because I am so wrapped up in drool and diapers. On this little trip I not only had an amazing time but I must have found my make-up bag because I looked like a human being again:

Oh wait!! Not that one... this one:

When we got back I felt refreshed and invigorated and completely ready to be the best Mom I can be. It's so hard to make yourself get up and leave our little ones. I have the hardest time doing it. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful husband who refuses to take "No" for an answer though. (He always knows what's best for me whether I like to admit it or not). After this trip, I have decided to try my hardest to get away at least once a year on a parental vacay because I have realized that I am no good to anyone unless I am good to myself a little. So, take a little advice from me... Get out and get away. Even if it's for a few hours because there is nothing better for the Mommy soul than taking a little ME-time. I promise, your little one will thank you for it.

 So here is a mini photo journey from our trip:

This is us crashing a gallery opening on our first night in the city! I tried to be spontaneous for a change!

Such amazing Art and Culture... It makes me really disappointed that I don't live here :)

Aaron getting tattooed by one of the most wonderful tattoo artists, Grime. He's not only a talented artist but he truly is one of the nicest guys ever!

We met Aaron's family at an Italian restaurant one of the nights! So nice to see everyone!!!

I thought the cables looked like a spider web. There were so many of them! Makes for a really great picture!

We went to the most amazing little Museum in Golden Gate Park! So fun!

Some amazing graffiti via Lango on Haight street!

Speaks for itself.

And then back home to this wonderful little man!!!

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