Tuesday, October 19, 2010


     Please don't misinterpret my logic for negativity because it's not what you want to hear... I try to keep it real, dawg! Let me educate you on what I feel is negative and the best part is that I can sum it up in 3 words. Are you ready for it?


     If it doesn't help then it's negative. For example... me feeling sorry for myself because I'm still a fatty fat fat from being pregnant and complaining about it all the time is NEGATIVITY for the sole reason that it doesn't help at all. It's just complaining. It doesn't get my chunky butt on that treadmill, my positivity does. The idea in my head that if I get on the treadmill I might not want to drown myself in chocolate pudding is nothing short of sheer positive energy because, WHY KIDS.... (Waiting for an answer...) Because it HELPS.

This is a fact that we all know in our heads but when the wave of self pity hits us it is a little difficult to recover. I do it all the time. I have plenty of negative moments. Heck, I am having plenty of them as we speak and maybe this is a mini-pep talk to myself so that I can get my head out of my ass. Ultimately what I am trying to say is that how can you expect it to get any better if you don't come out of that funk long enough to do something about it. Are you waiting around for someone to save you because I have news for you... the only person who can do that for you is YOU!
I can also tell you for an absolute fact that is you sit in self pity and negativity long enough is starts to bleed into everything you are like a fungus or a mold. Taking over every bit of the good person you are or were. You start noticing only the bad in people and events and, sweetheart, you are missing it. You are missing the point and wasting what little time we have on this rock.

     Let it go. All of it. It's not worth it because in the end, it's all stuff. Have love. Love for yourself and others. Have compassion, faith, happiness, glee, laughter, confidence, trust and all things wonderful because everything else is NOT HELPFUL!

(DISCLAIMER: Please don't think that this bloggity is directed at anyone because if you think that then maybe you are NEGATIVE! Hahah.... I'm talking to myself really, if you must know. I've had a lot of things get me down lately that I shouldn't have given the power to do so.)

All you need is Love!

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