Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...and I am alive!

     I am officially back at work and losing my mind with the amount of guilt that comes with leaving the comforts of home specifically to maintain our insured status. Isn't that ridiculous. I am working for the medical insurance and NOT because we can't afford it but because the insurance I receive is really very good and when I called the insurance company to see how much something comparable would cost an average Joe-sephine they told me "We don't offer that kind of coverage for private insurers". Um, okay... Well then I will be going back to work then.On top of all that, Aaron has reclaimed his position as the world's most functional zombie. This also causes me to feel guilty because I don't want him to struggle.
     This brings up another important question. Is it just me or are women REALLY better equipped to handle domestic chaos? I say this because I am tired and yet I keep moving. I am frustrated and yet I keep smiling (or faking it). I spent almost 3 months on maternity leave and yet only had one or two mental breakdowns that weren't even caused by the new one, it was because my toddler kept saying "Ew!" at everything I would make him and he'd eaten nothing but pudding and Fat-Free Cheez its all day. I just feel like this: Sure, it's more work and Yeah, I can't play with Sage as vigorously (which in itself adds even more guilt) but I would rather spend the day with them than doing anything else in the world! Do we as women have this built in function to handle tiny tots and domestic chaos better than our male counter-parts. OR, is it that as humans when mates are chosen we chose our opposite counter-parts. Kind of like the opposite piece to our humanoid puzzle. I find my husband to be the polar opposite when it comes to preference of domestic jobs. You know ... I do the dishes and laundry and he prefers the floors and outside stuff.

    Am I babbling? ... Hmm must be the Sugar-Free Rockstar.

    My "Day Zero Project" is still going strong I just haven't had a chance to update here yet. We did #26 Go to a Renaissance Festival last weekend. This Friday I am doing #53. Host a wine tasting at my house and last week we submitted our paperwork for #23. Obtain passports for the family.

     Oooh I forgot to mention, we are in the process of switching the boys to cloth diapers. Specifically, BumGenius diapers. I've spent entirely too many mornings changing sheets and I have opened too many diapers that have busted open and leaked weird gelatinous grossness all over the skin of both of my boys. I just happened to have ONE BumGenius diaper from my baby shower and I figured I'd try it out and not only did it keep Archer from leaking but it fits on both my 2.5 year old and my 2.5 month old thanks to the one-size fits all feature! So, now we are in the process of converting over. I don't mind the extra work of washing them at all either because the satisfaction of leak free mornings, saving the amount of waste in landfills coming from my house, and the THOUSANDS of dollars I am saving makes it all worth it!

     In closing, I love all 5 of my readers and I promise to post more regularly :)

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  1. I do think that women are better equipped at handling domestic chaos like it is somehow ingrained in our chemical makeup. I am not going to claim to be great at it myself as I struggle with some aspects of it but I think women are better at pushing through and keeping that smile on our face. Don't get me wrong Cody is a fantastic dad but I can't help but think that everyone in our house would be happier if I could stay home...Maybe someday...You are such a great mom and such a strong person and your kids are so flippin cute. Hope all is well in your world.