Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Zero - THE LIST

Inspired by my friend Devon to do this and I really do think that this might be the most amazing journey I will have embarked on ( The items I have completed will be updated in red and I will try to post pictures and descriptions of my adventures as I go!!!

1.      Visit a winery
2.      Have dinner at a fancy restaurant.
3.      See the Grand Canyon.
4.      Try Indian food.
5.      Go to Hawaii
6.      Finally get chest tattoo removed
7.      Do yoga 1x a week
8.      Paint a painting
9.      Potty train Sage
10.  Knit one garment for myself
11.  Learn more about Greek Mythology
12.  Bake a berry pie from scratch
13.  Read one Jane Austen book.
14.  Get a Tattoo for Sage
15.  Get a Tattoo for Archer
16.  Read to the kids every day
17.  Learn more sweet photoshop skills
18.  Video record 2x a month
19.  Blog 1x a week
20.  Complete Nursing School.
21.  Visit Portland
22.  Weigh 145 lbs. (213)
23.  Obtain a passport so we can travel.
24.  Bake a "Good Eats" Blueberry Buckle
25.  Buy 10 things on Etsy (0/10)
26.  Go to a Renaissance Faire
27.  Go Vegetarian for one week
28.  See if I can grow eyelashes using Latisse
29.  Run 2 miles without stopping
30.  Have a picnic
31.  Donate to a different charity once a month
32.  Go on a Family vacation up the PCH
33.  Go Camping
34.  Rent a cabin in Utah or California
35.  Write one letter/postcard a month to a friend.
36.  Bake a loaf of bread
37.  Bake cupcakes from scratch
38.  Get family photos taken
39.  Learn how to drive 3 on the tree
40.  Pay off Discover card
41.  Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
42.  Go to a concert
43.  Identify 100 things that makes me happy (0/100)
44.  Influence a person to make a day zero list
45.  Host a dinner party
46.  Clean out my closet
47.  Go a whole day without swearing
48.  Go Fishing
49.  Learn how to make 5 origami items (0/5)
50.  Learn to snowboard
51.  Get 3 services done at a spa in one day
52.  Buy a pair of boots
53.  Host a wine tasting at my house
54.  Go to 10 new restaurants (0/10)
55.  Learn how to make eggs benedict from scratch
56.  Go to a Sunday Brunch
57.  Make a list of 25 things that I like about myself and stick it to my mirror
58.  Write letters to my kids for when they are older
59.  Learn how to make Tamales
60.  Buy my husband a better wedding ring.
61.  Buy an antique tea cup and saucer
62.  Prepare one authentic korean meal
63.  Sell, donate or get rid of 101 items (0/101)
64.  Buy a pair of TOMS shoes
65.  Go Ziplining
66.  Become CPR certified
67.  Make a list of the 50 best moments of my life so far
68.  Go on a Kayaking trip
69.  Make a list of top ten ways to be happy and post it online.
70.  Read a book about buddhism
71.  Read an autobiography
72.  Go on a date with Aaron and let him pick my meal.
73.  Refrain from dyeing my hair black again.
74.  Watch a live surgery
75.  Take the boys to see snow for the first time
76.  Convert 5 NORMAL recipes into Weight Watchers friendly ones (0/5)
77.  Take the boys to the San Diego Zoo
78.  Write 10 e-mails to 10 people telling them the top ten reasons they are great. (0/10)
79.  Teach Sage his colors
80.  Don't access internet for one whole weekend
81.  Go snorkeling
82.  Swim with a sea turtle
83.  Drive a scooter
84.  Go crabbing/fishin in SF with Paul
85.  Buy a lottery ticket
86.  Buy an antique pie dish/pan
87.  Sell 5 things on etsy (0/5)
88.  Watch 20 Documentaries (3/20)
89.  Learn how to say "Thank You" in 10 different languages. (0/10)
90.  Eat Pho with Tony.
91.  Rekindle one old friendship.
92.  Sew a quilt
93.  Go see Lady Gaga in concert
94.  Buy a piece of Art
95.  Go to the Molto Farmer's Market
96.  Sew one new baby wrap
97.  Give one homemade baby wrap away as a gift
98.  Take a picture of Aaron and I once a month.
99.  Bake a chocolate souffle
100.   Write a poem
101.   Submit a piece of writing to be published

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  1. <3 your blog. I am going to do this myself. :)