Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's a big boy now.

 For the last week or so, we have been sanding down and painting this old trundle bed to match Sage's room. We finally got it done and on Saturday May 1st we took down his crib and put the bed in it's place. I washed his robot sheets and got a new pillow. I made his bed up and put some Disney's "Cars" decals on the wall to help him get excited about the transition. We bought a gate for the door so he doesn't wander around in the morning and spent all day building him up to the idea of sleeping in his BIG BOY BED. I'm not sure if he understood and true to form I was more nervous about the whole thing than he was.

 So, 8 pm rolled around and I tried to put him in bed and he immediately crawled right back out and I think it was because Aaron and I were hovering like a bunch of vultures waiting to see what happened. We agreed to let him tire out a little more so that he'd be more apt to give in. 15 minutes later we picked him up and laid him in his bed and I laid there with him for 3 minutes before he was passed out.
 The next morning I woke up at 8 am and thought to myself... "Um, why is it so quiet? he can't possibly still be sleeping." Sure enough, there he was passed out in his bed. I waited till 10 am before I woke Aaron up to tell him that our son is still sleeping. Aaron seemed almost proud.. ha ha. At any rate, we agreed that we should wake him up to at least attempt to keep his schedule. I went into his room and woke him up and he turned and looked at me and raised both arms like Vanna White and presented the cars on his wall to me... "MOM... CAAARRRS!!!"
I am not sure how Aaron and I got so lucky to have such an easy going little boy and I can only hope the the new baby is equally as easy or twice as funny to offset the non-easiness. Either way we are lucky parents.
 Since that night Sage has gone back to his old habits as if we never took the crib away. We say it's time to go Night-Night and he stands up and walks to his room. He climbs in bed and lays his head down and passes right out!
 I am one proud Mama!

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