Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's true... Every pregnancy is different.

 I had my 20 week appointment yesterday. Dr. Torres asked me any questions and I replied "nope". I was weighed, had my blood pressure taken, listed to the heart beat and was sent on my way. As I drove in the car on the way home I thought about how different this pregnancy is from my last one.
     When I was pregnant with Sage, I was in the perinatologist's office almost every week. I had ultrasounds twice a month, fetal heart monitoring once a week. Every appointment I had they had something new and bothersome to tell me. It wasn't until the very last appointment that they told me that everything looked fine and he would be born with no issues.
     Then after I had him they told me I wouldn't be able to have anymore children. I was so upset. Partially,because I wanted to be given the option of being able to give Sage a sibling and partially because I wanted to have a chance at a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. Just to see what it was like to not worry. Just to see what it was like. I wanted to see for myself what it felt like to actually enjoy parts of a pregnancy.
     So here I am. I am 20 weeks pregnant. I have had 2 successful ultrasounds free and clear of any growths or issues. Everything it perfect and as a result I am so much calmer. I can actually sit on my couch at night while canoodling my perfect little boy and think about how soon I will have another perfect little someone to canoodle with in a few short months without one ounce of worry. I feel serene and excited. This uncomplicated pregnancy has given me the opportunity to feel actual excitement.
     I am not a religious person but I am very spiritual and I feel that God (whomever he or she would be) has truly given me the opportunity to really LIVE life... Good and bad and I feel very fortunate. In fact, maybe it's the hormones but I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everything in my life... Even the bad things because I can say that I have been there and experienced it all and I made it to the other side stronger for it.


  1. God is good! I am so glad this pregnancy is going well for you. What a blessing not to have to worry! I hope the rest of the pregnancy continues to go just as well :-)

  2. I feel very much the same about this pregnancy. I didn't have medical complications with Marley but I had severe MS for 10 weeks and afterward my emotional state was just plain glum.

    This time I have had such a smoother ride, I feel crazy blessed. I find out the gender on Friday... now if I could just manage to have another girl... :)

  3. I was just thinking this as I had my 20 week U/S today. It's the 2nd U/S I've had compared to the level II's I had every 2 weeks, OB appointments every week, and endless list of complications that came with my twins. It feels so much more relaxed! If I didn't feel like crap all the time I think I'd actually enjoy it this time around!

  4. I'm so glad you had a great ultrasound! It's a wonderful feeling to feel calm like that...Enjoy!